He didn’t know what to cook on a bbq

This was 4 days before Henry was going to have a cookout. Now this was not your ordinary cooking chicken on the grill. This indeed was the fancy grill meals that he was after. He called me up and said that he was figuring out what to grill for the upcoming get together in 4 days! It was a baby shower for his sister and he wanted something special for the occasion. He wanted to impress his family and friends and most important of all to make it a memorable day for his sister.


The search for the best grilling meals continued


I am no master on the grill. In fact, I was grilling burgers and hot dogs for my family and it smelled great. I had started the grill up and had the meat ready and before I knew it they were burning up. There was a heavy smoke and when I finally got to it, it was too late. Well I ended up getting Chinese take out. I had seen hot dog on their menu but the difference of the 2 is the Chinese hot dog is real. So, when he asked me for advice I was stuck with a umm umm well….


He then called his co-worker named Jack. He is a funny guy with his hair slicked back and always has a goofiness about him. Especially with the funny Jim Carrey faces he makes. Well it was Henry’s last resort to give him a call. He was surprised to hear that he was full of advice! This guy knew everything about the best thing to cook on a bbq. Everything from the sauces to use to how long to cook and when to raise the heat, when to lower it. He was rambling on and on about a marinade to use.


This is great I wonder how he knew about this   


There is no way a goofy guy like him could have came up with this himself. I mean I was just cracking up over the most silly Jim Carrey impersonation this guy was doing last Thursday at the office. It was tough to admit a guy like him knew way more about this stuff than me. I would have liked to have been the one to support Henry. Then, suddenly I had this sensation within me that I wanted to learn all I could about bbq cooking. I wanted to become an expert not only to be able to support a friend one day but also to be able to have an awesome cook out like Henry wants for his sister.


Had to figure out all he knew about bbqing


That Monday at work I saw him again and spoke with him about the stuff Henry told me that he knew. I asked him where he found all this information at. He simply replied to me that it was a bbq program that he had found doing some research. I knew he didn’t come up with stuff himself. So, I then did my own research and found the best way to go about cooking for a bbq. Henry’s bbq day was a complete success. I was amazed at how the chicken tasted. It was juicy on the inside and he had this sauce he marinated it with that made it pop with flavor. He also had ribs, burgers, and chicken wings. He had utilized the intensity to make the meat just right. It was cooked just right and that made it melt in your mouth.

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